Processing and transport

Interfish is situated in IJmuiden, near the Dutch fish auction. The only auction with a daily supply of fresh fish. This way we are closer to the source and the fish can be delivered to you straight from the boat.

The sold fish is always packed in the way the customer desires. We use Styrofoam boxes for the packaging, which are available with or without our logo. The Styrofoam boxes for our fresh fish vary between 2 kg and 20 kg, this way we can always supply the desired quantity.

After processing, we place the fish in a climate-controlled room before transportation. The fish gets transported in refrigerated trucks, that are kept on a constant temperature of 0º C. Durability of the fishery is one of our top priorities. Therefore, Interfish Is MSC certified and hopes to add more MSC products to our selection in the future.

Interfish has chosen to work with consolidation of cargo. Thanks to these transport companies we are able to deliver the fish faster and more often to our customers.

See our schedule below to see a part of our transport schedule; we ship fish around the world.

Daily to:
Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Germany and Denmark

3 times a week:
Spain and Italy

IFS en MSC doorzichtig