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About us



In 1976, Nico van der Deijl (†1987) together with his two sons Niek (†1999) and Henk founded the fish processing company called Interfish. Nico was the 6th of the van der Deijl generation who worked in the fishing industry.

Since 1977 the company is located at the Texelstraat 43, IJmuiden (The Netherlands). During the years the building has undergone several changes to facilitate growth and in order to comply with the highest hygiene standards. Thanks to the great quality, fair prices and reliability Interfish is now a well-known name, both national and international.

Interfish wants to differentiate by focusing on the collaboration with their customers. This all in a sense of: together we stand strong. Therefore, we are also constantly involved in innovation and collaboration with other fish processing companies.

During this day, both Henk van der Deijl and Erik Eekhout are in charge of daily operations. Henk his younger son Clint works at Interfish since 2006. His older son Wesley started working at Interfish during the end of 2013.


Quality and Hygiene:

Because of the favorable location of Interfish, just 1 kilometer from the fish auction IJmuiden, there’s always a supply of fresh fish. After entry, the fish its temperature gets checked and packed with flaked ice. The fish is transported to our customers on the same day. We also purchase fish from other fish auctions, both nationally and internationally.

To ensure good quality, we use a commissioner on every fish auction to review the quality of the fish. To protect the quality, we work with the HACCP-guidelines, and comply to the International Food Standard (IFS) higher level standards since 2012.

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      Just like hygiene, durability is also our top priority, that’s why we’re an MSC-certified company since 2010.
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      Our Team:

      We mainly work with long-term employees to ensure a good feel with the company and the level of standards. Above a photo of our recent trip to Berlin.